Dental implants and damaged tooth are covered by a dental technique known as a dental crown. A dental crown is an essentially fixed equipment which is placed on broken, damaged, or weak teeth for the preservation and support of its operation. As a result, it improves the aesthetics, alignment, and shape of the teeth. Traditionally, PFM, ceramic, and gold crowns were widely used. However, nowadays, zirconium crowns have become quite famous.

Zirconium crown is composed of the light-colored zirconium oxide, a metal. Zirconium crowns are often preferred because they are long-lasting and don’t require much maintenance. On the other hand, if you check the cost of crowns, they are quite expensive in the US.

Advantages of a Zirconium Crown

  • In the periodic table, zirconium belongs to the titanium family. As a result, its chemical characteristics allow it to become a lot more long-lasting and durable. Hence, the zirconium crown is considered the toughest crown; it can cope with a lot of wear and tear. Unlike, porcelain crown, don’t expect it to chip off. With little maintenance, you can ensure that your crown remains in your mouth for decades.
  • Since zirconium is white, it can be easily transformed into a wide range of tooth shades.
  • In the past, metal crowns enjoyed popularity but they had a glaring defect. They used to consist of a metal layer with the porcelain layer at the crown’s top. As a result, people who used them were quite nervous to smile to avoid getting the crown being spot. Since no metal lining comes with zirconium crowns, therefore it facilitates others to wear a confident smile.
  • So far, research and studies have failed to find any link between any allergies that can be caused by the zirconium crown. Moreover, they are completely biocompatible so they do not pose any dangers for remaining in your mouth permanently.
  • Naturally, zirconium crowns nicely fit in with your tooth. Earlier, the PFM crowns got popular because human tooth reacted well with the metal and allowed the crown to remain in its place. Since zirconium crowns are also metals; therefore they enjoy the same advantage. Moreover, dental surgeons also do not have to cut them as much in comparison to other crown types.

Zirconium Crowns Cost

The zirconium crowns cost different based on different countries. In the US, you may have to pay up to $3,000 for a single zirconium crown. Due to their long list of advantages, zirconium crowns are a lot more expensive when you compare it with the previous costs of crowns.

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