Have you ever thought about how important your teeth are every day? They not only help you chew and digest your food, but they also help you speak and form the center of your smile. But what do you know about these small, hard-working pearly whites?

We want our patients to know how important their teeth are to their overall health. We encourage our patients to have a good oral hygiene routine that includes regular checkups and cleanings. This keeps plaque, tartar, and bacteria from making your mouth their home.

Here’s a quick overview of the four types of teeth and what they do:

INCISORS: The incisors are the eight thin, straight teeth in the front of your mouth. There are two in each of the upper and lower jaws. Your incisors help you cut food into pieces you can chew and swallow easily.

CANINES: The four teeth on each side of your front teeth are your canines. The dentists call these sharp, pointy teeth cuspids. They are the longest teeth and help us tear food. Canines may also help guide the rest of our teeth into place.

PREMOLARS: Behind the canines, there are four premolars in the upper jaw and four premolars in the lower jaw. The top of these two-cusped teeth is flat, so they can crush and tear food well.

MOLARS: The widest and flattest teeth are your molars, which are behind your front teeth and are evenly spread between your top and bottom teeth. Most of the time, we use these to grind and crush our food. Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to come in as an adult. They are also molars.

Dr. Motiwala, our friendly dentist, hopes that this short introduction will help our patients understand how important their teeth are. Help them stay healthy for years to come by working together. To make an appointment, please call our office right away.

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