Are you looking to get bone implants in India? During a tooth extraction, a lot of people lose bone. This is why they need bone grafting for tooth support. Typically, dental implants require around ¼ inch of bone. On average, an implant is 3/16 inch. If you have 6 mm of bone in the beginning, when the site is prepared, you barely have 1 mm of bone for the front and back of your dental implant. This 1 mm length is not enough to install an implant. For best results, 5/16 inches of bone is ideal. Dental implants fail when surgeons incorporate the implant into an insufficient bone.

Sometimes, surgeons don’t perform the grafting procedure. At times, they select the wrong sites for performing the procedure. An implant that is put in a region having insufficient bone is a disaster waiting to happen. Most of the time, this issue is fixed by removing the implant. As a result, not only you have to pay a lot of money for a multitude of procedures, but it is also destructive for your bone.

An experienced dental surgeon can prevent these circumstances with a comprehensive and calculated treatment technique. You need an experienced implant surgeon like Dr. Irfan Motiwala who has forged a strong reputation around the world. You can ask your dentist to show you different outcomes to make up your mind. If your dentist is hesitant to show his portfolio, look for another consultation. Similarly, ask around their former patients about their experiences with the surgery. Additionally, don’t forget to search the Internet for reviews on the dentist.

If an implant is wrongly installed in the bone, it is significantly complex to repair it. Dentists don’t have a lot of room for error, so they must do it correctly the first time.

Dental Bone Graft Cost in Hyderabad

If you are going to have a grafting procedure in the U.S, then it can cost you anywhere from $500 to $3,000 depending upon the type of your bone. If this sounds too much, then you can visit Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Center because the dental bone graft cost in Hyderabad is barely 20% of the U.S.-based costs. Since grafting is becoming outdated, Dr. Irfan will examine your teeth and discuss significantly better alternatives to get a new set of dental implants.