Do you know how much the dental bone graft cost? Those who go for this surgery have to deal with a plethora of post-operative instructions. Some of these are described below.


After the surgery, the patient must take a soft and nutritionally balanced diet for 4 days. Until the surgical site around the bone graft is being healed, don’t stop taking this diet!


After any oral surgery, swelling is a common phenomenon. Usually, swelling reaches its peak after 48 hours. You can use at least two pillows to elevate your head while lying down and control facial swelling. Additionally, you can use cold compresses on your face frequently. When the 48-hour period is finished, apply warm compresses to your face.


Avoid vigorous spitting or rinsing for the first five days. This is done to ensure that the blood clot stabilizes well. After the first day, you can gently brush your toothbrush in your mouth at non-grafted regions. Don’t use pressure with your fingers or tongue to the grafted areas. Lastly, don’t pull or lift the lip for looking at the sutures. Such a practice can inflict damage to the surgical site and may cause a tear to the sutures.


Bruising can appear anytime within the first 48 hours of the surgery. You can apply warm compresses to the surgical site to quicken up the healing phase.

Dental Bone Graft Cost in the UK

For dental bone graft, the overall calculation of costs is tricky because each patient case differs from others. The entire cost is processed depending on how much of the bone is grafted and what is the cost of the material. Lastly, there is also an intervention expense. The cost of the intervention touches upon the following.

  • The surgery expense
  • The expenses of the bone grafting materials that are utilized in the surgery.
  • The expenses of the used membrane.

Dental Bone Graft Cost in India

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