Are you facing a slew of issues with your teeth where a single dental procedure like dental implants, getting filings, or opting for orthodontics is not going to cut it? Perhaps, a full mouth restoration can resolve your issues.

What Is Full Mouth Restoration

Full mouth restoration refers to a detailed dental procedure through which you get back all or multiple teeth. It can make you look younger and improve your smile significantly. Whether you lost your teeth due to tooth decay or an injury, full mouth restoration is going to fully fix your mouth, teeth, and jaw.

What truly defines the procedure is probably the comprehensiveness that comes with it. If you are facing several oral or dental issues at the moment, then there is no need to address them separately. Instead, you can resolve it single-handedly by picking one procedure: full mouth restoration. Usually, it addresses mouth diseases, focuses on jawbone and gum related damage, replaces missing teeth, rectifies faulty bits and incorrectly seated jaw joints, fixes worn-out dental components, and significantly improves damaged teeth.

There is also a great emphasis on full mouth restoration between the lower and upper teeth, including their link with the jaw joints in your mouth. Human beings rely on their jawbones for eating, speaking, and performing other functions. If these areas get affected, you are going to have a visit to a dental surgeon.

Moreover, in recent years, this treatment has been the key in addressing oral cancer. As a result, the patients are not only treated for the missing teeth but also to restore their oral cavity structures. All of this is performed in conjunction with immunotherapy and chemotherapy for ensuring the safe removal of cancerous cells.

Full Mouth Restoration Cost in the USA

If you live in the USA, then you have got some bad news: full mouth restoration cost can inflict a major dent on your pocket. On average, you can expect a figure which can start at $20,000 and, depending upon your teeth condition, swell up to $80,000 for your full mouth restoration cost. With the same amount of money, you can have your kids graduate from a 4-year program in any reputable public college. Your expenses are adjusted based on your dental procedures like dental implants, braces, root canals, and other dental procedures.

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