The dentistry involved with the restorative efforts and procedure to fill up missing and lost tooth or set of teeth is called dental implant and it consists of all processes that ensure a material is inserted into the gum to act as a root as well as the crown which is a tooth-like material which is fixed as the teeth. The implant procedure became very popular years ago and it has successfully been used to correct, restore and replace lost and missing teeth creating vacuum and space in the mouth. There are lots of people that have been enduring the low self-confidence, inability to speak and chew and all disadvantages that come along with having a vacuum or space in the mouth.

Zirconium Crown

Moreover, the dental implant procedure requires some materials and one of the important ones are the crowns. The cost of crowns used in the replacement and restoration procedures comes in varying costs and prices. There are various types of a crown which can be used for the dental implant but the zirconium crown is quite loved and desired due to its ability to look and appear like a real tooth, its toughness, absence of metal and good blending with a real set of teeth. The crown is most preferred by both dentists, periodontists, and dental implant patients because of the advantages the zircon crown offers. The cost of crowns are not the same in different countries and as such, the cost of the dental procedure which the zirconium crowns are used for.

Zircon Crowns Cost

In the United States, the zircon crowns cost about a thousand dollars while in the United Kingdom, the price is about 600 Pounds. These prices are very exorbitant and on a high side but of course, this is not the case for the same type and quality of zirconium crowns in India. It is very affordable in India as it cost only about US$200. The difference in cost and price is quite wide for the same quality and quantity of zircon crown used for the restorative processes. Many patients seeking for dental implant in the top countries of the world then need to find a way to save more than 8o percent on the cost of crowns and in extension, the cost and price of the dental implant procedure itself. India has lots of dental clinics and centers with all required machines, tools and equipment and capable doctors to provide the perfect dental care and treatment just as it is in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

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