A complete smile dental in Australia can help you to replace your lost teeth or repair the damaged ones. Let’s see how the procedure is conducted.

1. Consult a Dentist

The first step is to consult an experienced professional like Dr. Irfan Motiwala. A dental surgeon can make the final call about whether or not full mouth reconstruction is the best option for you.

2. Undergo a Dental Exam

You have to undergo a comprehensive dental exam. This exam indicates which type of treatment you may need before you opt for a full mouth restoration in Australia. A dental exam can include the following.

a. Imaging is generated from your dental structure via X-Rays.

b. Models are designed for your mouth.

3. Creation of a Treatment Strategy

A dental surgeon then develops a customized treatment plan that can resolve your dental issues. For example, the dentist can finalize which type of implants will suit you the best or whether or not you need to undergo a bone graft surgery. On a similar note, if you have gingivitis, they can adjust the treatment strategy differently.

4. Inform about Your Medical History

Don’t proceed further without informing the surgeon about all the details pertaining to your previous medical history, even if you feel that they are unrelated to your current treatment. You should also reveal which medications to take and what your allergies are.

5. Manage the Schedule

If you have multiple different dental procedures lined up in the future, it is simply not possible to perform them on the same day. Depending upon your treatment plan, you can get complete smile dental in Australia from three months to 1 year. A lot depends upon the severity of your issues, especially how invasive your procedures are. For example, a surgeon may recommend you to wait one month to get dental implants after performing a sinus lift surgery.

6. Taking Instructions from the Dentist

Your dentist will explain to you about what to drink or eat before and after the full mouth restoration in Australia. Do not ignore these instructions or you may have to deal with complications later on.

7. Recovery

When you are done with the last treatment of your dental treatment, you have to ensure that you do not only recuperate quickly but also maintain and protect the health of your new set of teeth.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Cost in Australia Vs. India

The exact full mouth reconstruction cost in Australia ultimately depends upon your treatment plan. For example, dental implants for a single tooth can cost you $3,000 – $5,000. Similarly, if a dental surgeon places upper dentures in your mouth, you may have to pay around $1,500 – $2000. If you suffer from a plethora of dental issues, expect your dental costs to increase a lot.

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