Patients who need full mouth dental restoration or dental implants are often advised to get themselves treated with a procedure called sinus lift. It postpones the implant installation and adds new complications to the mix.

This is why, today, dental implants like basal implants are becoming more frequent and widespread. With basal implants, patients receive crowns in half a week. More importantly, they don’t have to deal with the complications and side effects that come up with the sinus lift surgeries. The disadvantages of a sinus lift procedure are as follows.

High Cost

The cost of sinus lift surgery in the UK is exceptionally high due to the long duration of the treatment. The sinus lift cost can fall anywhere from £1,000 to £3,000. These expenses are only calculated for each side, which means that a higher work complexity can further increase the sinus lift cost.

Loss of Time

With a sinus lift procedure, you might have to wait for a year before all the pre-requisite surgeries have been performed and your surgical sites have healed sufficiently. Since bone graft requires time to fuse with the bone, the crowns are put on the dental implants of a sinus lift. At times, after the height of the bone reaches 3mm, the implant is installed. Subsequently, patients have to undergo a waiting period of 180 days. In this way, the time required to have a crown converted takes up a whole year.

Too Many Surgeries

Sinus lift requires the following surgeries.

  • To remove bone from any suitable body area.
  • To incorporate the bone graft.
  • To place the dental implant.
  • To expose the dental implant.

Surgery Failure

Sometimes, the materials of the bone graft fail to fuse with the existing bone. Consequently, the grafted region fails to create a blood supply and all the implants around that area are negatively affected, requiring the repeat of sinus lift procedures.

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