A lot of the progress in dentistry today can be traced back to the early work of people who committed their lives to making oral health and dentistry better. In this blog post, we honor and celebrate some of these dental stars and the important work they have done for the field.

Pierre Fauchard (1678-1761): The Father of Modern Dentistry

A French doctor named Pierre Fauchard is often called the “Father of Modern Dentistry.” He wrote “Le Chirurgien Dentiste” (The Surgeon Dentist) in 1723. It was a very detailed book that set the standards for modern dentistry. Fauchard is known as the first real dentist because his book covered a wide range of topics, from the anatomy of the mouth to how to fix teeth.

Greene Vardiman Black (1836-1915): The Master of Dental Materials

Greene and Vardiman Black, also known as G.V. Black, was a well-known dentist in the United States. He made important changes to tooth materials and restorative dentistry. His careful study and organization of tooth cavities led to the creation of new and better dental tools and materials. Dentists still use Black’s Classification method for hard tooth problems all the time.

Lucy Hobbs Taylor (1833-1910): Paving the Way for Women in Dentistry

In 1866, Lucy Hobbs Taylor was the first woman to graduate from dental school. This made her a pioneer in the field. Her hard work and success made it possible for women to become dentists, and she is still an example to women dentists around the world.

Dr. Charles Godon (1863-1940): Innovator in Dental Radiography

Dr. Charles Godon was one of the first dentists to use X-rays. In dental radiography, his groundbreaking work made diagnostics much better, letting dentists find problems that weren’t obvious before. X-rays are now an important part of checking someone’s mouth health.

Alfred C. Fones (1869-1938): The Father of Dental Hygiene

A lot of people call Alfred C. Fones the “Father of Dental Hygiene.” In 1913, he opened the first school for dental hygiene. There, he taught and gave dental hygienists the tools they needed to help with preventive dental care. Fones’ impact can be seen in how important dental hygienists are for keeping teeth healthy.

Dr. H. Trendley Dean (1893-1962): Advancing Fluoridation in Dentistry

Dr. H. Trendley Dean did a lot of work to study how fluoride affects oral health. People are now better aware of how fluoridating water can help avoid cavities thanks to his groundbreaking work. Fluoridated water is now seen as one of the most important public health successes of the 20th century.

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