A bone graft is needed when a dental surgeon needs more bone to install dental implants. To finalize the dental materials and technique, the surgeon must inspect the region around the mouth and determine the type of bone defect. The failure of bone graft can emerge in the middle of the healing phase. At times, excessive resorption in the surgical site can make them ineffective. Following factors are common for causing failure in grafts.

  • Infection occurs in the operated area.
  • Incorrect materials are used in the surgery.
  • Wrong technique is utilized for bone grafting.
  • The patient suffers from pre-existing health issues such a periodontal disease.

When an infection occurs after the installation of bone graft for a dental implant, it can damage the success and health of the graft. Since the patient has to follow a lot of post-operative care instructions after the procedure, therefore, minor negligence is enough to let the entire treatment go to waste. If the infection is mild, dental surgeons suggest an antibiotics course. If it is severe, they are forced to take out the dental graft. Afterward, the patient has to wait for their affected area to heal after which they must get a new graft. As a result, a tremendous amount of time and money is spent on the bone graft for a dental implant.

Patients have to take special care of their gum due to dental bone graft complications. If the overlying gum tissue breaks down, then the whole healing phase of bone graft will suffer irreparably. In case the bone graft gets exposed, it can’t access blood supply, and thus, the entire treatment is compromised. For minor exposure, a dentist may suggest soft diet, antibiotics, rinsing, and other supportive therapy. With extreme care, the affected gum issue may recover, and the graft can be saved.

However, if the exposure is severe, then the supportive therapy can’t do much. In such a case, a dental surgeon has to operate at the affected area and has to smoothen the graft around the exposed site. If he deems the exposure to be too significant to be recovered, it is necessary to remove the graft.

Bone Graft for Dental Implants Cost

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