A sinus lift surgery is carried out to add new bone for supporting dental implants. However, before going for it, you must know what types of complications it can cause. Some of them are listed below.


Although not too frequent, but there is always the possibility of an infection after the surgery. Mostly, it is caused when patients are unable to take proper care for their oral regions. Sometimes, a surgeon can be at fault too if they fail to clean the surgical site correctly.


The most common complication of a sinus lift is the occurrence of puncture. Sometimes, dental surgeons succeed in fixing it, but in case the puncture is too severe, it is no longer possible to repair it. In such a case, a surgeon has to stop the surgery and make a new appointment. As a result, a lot of time is wasted.

Failure of Dental Implants

The sole reason of sinus lift is to aid the placement of dental implants. However, sometimes, after the sinus lift surgery, the implant cannot be installed correctly. As a result, the whole operation ends up as ineffective, and the dentist has to look for an alternative treatment.

Excessive Drainage

Quite often, a lot of bright red blood and pus is drained out continuously from the surgical site. A dentist may fix this issue with an antibiotic cause or an irrigation treatment. Other than battling tremendous pain, the patient has to face a lot of inconvenience due to a long list of post-care instructions.

Sinus Lift Cost in the UK

The sinus lift cost in the UK is too expensive. You may have to pay from £600 to £3,000, for each side. If your case is complex, or if more materials are needed in your treatment, this cost can be more exorbitant. Instead, of spending so much money in a sinus lift surgery, consider the sinus lift cost in India. You can find that sinus lift cost in India is a lot cheaper.

Should You go for Sinus Lift Surgery?

As you can see above, there are a lot of complications that are associated with sinus lift surgery. Today, it has become an outdated surgery. You need to visit Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Center. Dr. Irfan Motiwala will inspect your teeth and treat you with modern dental procedures that can get you high-quality and cheap artificial teeth without causing any of the complications mentioned above.