Cosmetic dentistry has undergone a lot of advancements in the last few years. Today, dentists have a lot of dental techniques and tools at their disposal for smile design dental. While going for any type of cosmetic surgery, make sure to understand their procedure, risks, and benefits thoroughly. You should also note how much they cost and whether or not they are too expensive. Try to get the same treatment in a country like India where dental treatment is extremely affordable and can save you most of your money. Some of these dental treatments include the following.

Teeth Whitening

With the passage of time, teeth can get discolored or may get stains. This happens when you consume certain beverages and foods like tea and coffee, get side effects from specific medications and smoke a lot. A dental surgeon can help you to get complete smile dental in India with a chemical procedure in which bleaching is applied to your teeth.

Your dental surgeon may develop a customized tray for the mouth that can provide the required whitening to your teeth. For this purpose, your treatment can take one to two hours, depending upon the state of your teeth.

Also bear in mind that once you have whitened your teeth, you cannot go back to those bad habits that caused the stains in the first place. Therefore, make sure to ask your dental surgeon for tips to ensure that you do not need teeth whitening again. Ideally, you should floss your teeth after each meal and brush teeth twice a day.


If your teeth have gaps between them or if they are cracked, chipped or broken, a dental surgeon may opt for bonding while providing complete smile dental in India. Dentists place bonding materials for multiple purposes such as to safeguard an exposed tooth root or to fill tiny cavities.

Usually, a single visit is enough for this treatment; you do not have to visit your dentist repeatedly. In this procedure, dentists use an etching solution with materials that look like natural teeth. These materials include composite resins that are “bonded” or attached to the surface of the affected tooth.

Contouring and Enamel Shaping

Contouring and enamel shaping includes eliminating dental enamel in order to enhance the appearance and look of your teeth. Sometimes, this procedure also involves bonding.

The purpose of contouring is to adjust the position, shape, and length of the teeth. They can rectify minor bite issues and restructure irregular, chipped, overlapping, and crooked teeth.

Complete Smile Dental in the USA

If you are looking for complete smile dental in the USA, you should know that dental treatment is quite expensive in the USA, resulting in bills hovering over more than $10,000. Since cosmetic surgery is not always covered by insurance, therefore, you have to target an affordable solution. To achieve this goal, you can contact Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Center and get an appointment with Dr. Irfan Motiwala. Dr. Motiwala has carved out a great reputation in the Asian dentistry circles and he can ensure that you can wear a bright and healthy smile.