Full mouth restoration involves replacement or repair of the full set of teeth alongside the upper and lower jaws. Full mouth reconstruction has many benefits such as an improved aesthetical appearance, better health, and no risk of oral infections due to extensive teeth damage and teeth loss. Full mouth restoration in the UK targets health problems such as gum disease and tooth decay as well.

Dangers of Misaligned Teeth

When teeth are arranged in random directions, cracked, or chipped, it becomes harder to reach tooth surfaces. It is very similar to the case of missing teeth. Larger gaps in the smile are harder to clean out and these areas are more likely to accrue unwanted debris and accumulations. Even if the patient flosses their teeth, they will inevitably miss hard to reach food deposits, which will offer bacteria with a source of energy.

Bacteria fermented acid can further damage the different layers of teeth, slowly and gradually consuming the dentin, enamel, pulp, and other tissues in the teeth. Bacteria also cause wear and tear of the gum tissue in a process known as gum disease or periodontal infection. It causes significant and extensive damage that spreads to surrounding bone, causing even more loss of teeth.

Full Mouth Restoration in the UK Has Many Benefits

The simplest solution for patients is to undergo full mouth reconstruction, an all-inclusive and comprehensive dental treatment that seeks to revitalize a person’s oral health and smile. Each patient’s dental needs and oral anatomy are unique, and so should be their treatment. Our dentistry offers a custom-tailored approach to full mouth rehabilitation to specific issues that could be affecting a person’s oral wellbeing, thereby delivering optimized solutions that will result in a visually appealing smile.

There are many ways to treat tooth decay. If the damage isn’t too excessive, the damaged tissue can be replaced with tooth-colored porcelain fillings. These tooth filings are much more saver compared to mercury or silver amalgam fillings.

Gum disease can be treated via laser dentistry or periodontal therapy. Bone tissue and damaged tissue can be fixed using bone graft and soft tissue augmentation.

All these surgeries result in better wellbeing and overall health. Periodontal diseases have been linked with increased chances of developing chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and Alzheimer’s disease. Full mouth restoration addresses all the dental problems of a person and minimizes their chances of developing debilitating diseases later on in their lives.

Full Mouth Restoration Cost in the UK and Other Parts of the World

Full Mouth Restoration Cost in the UK is substantial and in many cases, is not covered by a person’s dental insurance. This requires them to pay a hefty check out of their pocket in order to restore their complete smiles. A much more convenient option instead is to go abroad and get the same treatment with identical results and benefits.

Full mouth restoration cost in Hyderabad is about 80 to 90 percent cheaper than its counterparts in the UK, USA, Australia, and Canada. Since full mouth restoration cost in Hyderabad is conveniently cheap, it saves you a lot of money that could be saved for other occasions.

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