Losing one or more teeth can be upsetting, to put it mildly, and unless the loss was brought on by an injury, it may be a sign of serious gum disease and underlying bone degradation.

If dental trauma was the cause of your missing tooth, a trip to the dentist right once is highly advised to have the gums and neighboring teeth examined. The dentist may suggest one of two tooth replacement methods, depending on your particular situation:

  • Adental bridge
  • A dental implant

Replacement of Missing Teeth with Dental Bridges

An prosthetic tooth (pontic) with crowns on each side is joined to the healthy teeth next to the missing tooth to form a dental bridge. A bridge can also use two pontics in place of one to restore two lost teeth that are adjacent to each other. With this technique, the crown of the missing tooth is replaced but not the root.

Dental Fixed Bridges: A Problem

A fixed dental bridge’s fundamental flaw is that it only addresses half of the issue. The underlying bone is deprived of the regular stimulation it needs to keep healthy when the tooth root is not replaced.

Resorption, which causes the bone to lose density and shrink, is primarily brought on by a missing tooth root. Further tooth loss, a thinning of the jawbone, and changes to the facial features can all result from resorption. You may have noticed this outcome in the prematurely aged-looking faces and chins of long-term denture wearers.

Using Dental Implants to Replace Missing Teeth

The root and crown of the tooth are both restored with dental implants. It requires a longer operation than a dental bridge but has better advantages. These consist of:

  • Stimulating the underlying bone to stop it from resorbing.
  • Identical like your own natural tooth in appearance and feel.
  • Giving steady support so you can eat with assurance.
  • Enduring with proper maintenance.
  • Supporting a row of three or four missing teeth (with two implants).

The Function of Dental Implants

The treatments necessary to have dental implants and how long they take are determined by the state of your gums and underlying bone at the time of application.
Periodontitis, an advanced form of gum disease, is frequently the cause of tooth loss, and resorption has already started.

In these situations, the patient will require bone grafting before the implants can be placed in the jawbone, and the gums will require regenerative therapy. In order to restore missing tooth roots, titanium posts are screwed into the jaw bone once the jaw and soft tissue have developed sufficient strength.

After the posts have bonded with the bone, which could take several weeks, a crown that matches the color of the neighboring teeth is fastened to the implant. A permanent repair that feels and works like your natural teeth is the end result.

When Periodontal Disease Is the Cause of Tooth Loss

Advanced gum disease is most likely to blame when a tooth becomes loose over time and needs to be extracted (if it didn’t fall out on its own), or when you have numerous loose teeth without having been injured.

Your remaining teeth will be inspected by the dentist to see if they are strong enough to support a bridge to replace your missing tooth. Before a bridge or dental implant can be inserted, it’s likely that you will require therapy to strengthen your teeth, gums, and jawbone.

In these situations, dental implants are strongly advised to assist maintain bone density after therapy, which almost certainly involves bone and soft tissue transplants.

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