Education is essential, despite the fact that cancer can be a frightening word. Your dentist is here to help you understand the warning signs of lip cancer, which is a prevalent type of mouth cancer. As your partner in oral health, your dentist is here to work with you to improve your oral health. It is important to be aware of the warning signs of this illness because it is very treatable if identified in its early stages.

Cancer of the Lips: Symptoms

There are many different symptoms that can accompany lip cancer, but some of the most prevalent ones are as follows:

  • Open and bleeding wounds near or on the lips
  • A patch of pale skin that looks like a scar
  • Papules or nodules that have the appearance of warts
  • Alterations in the outward look of the lips that can be seen

Using tobacco products, drinking a lot of alcohol, and spending a lot of time in the sun are all common risk factors for developing lip cancer. An excessive amount of time spent in the sun is believed to be the cause of roughly one-third of all cases of lip cancer.

Taking Steps to Reduce Your Risk

The good news is that there is a possibility that you will be able to minimize your risk of acquiring mouth cancers by minimizing your exposure to all three of the factors listed above.

Apply a chapstick that also contains sunscreen with a high SPF rating whenever you go outside. It is always a good idea to carry a balm in your purse or pocket in case you need it.

Research has shown that individuals who consume four or more alcoholic beverages on a daily basis may have a more than twofold increased risk of developing lip cancer. Cutting back on how much alcohol you drink is an effective strategy for lowering your risk.

It has been known for a very long time that tobacco products can cause several different types of mouth cancer. If you or a member of your family has a history of oral cancer, you should seriously consider quitting smoking.

Make an appointment to see your dentist if you see any new growths or changes in your mouth that make you uneasy. They can assess the situation.

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