At a specific point in life, people lose their teeth. If you have lost one, then this is nothing out of the blue. For some, it can be a traumatic experience and may shatter their self-confidence. However, missing or damaged teeth are easily repairable with dental treatments. Typically, a dental implant is used to place new teeth. However, it cannot solve the issue every time.

There are cases in which a patient loses an upper tooth where they lack bone in the upper jaw region that can facilitate a dental implant. For these circumstances, a surgery known as a sinus lift is performed.

In this surgery, extra bone is placed in the upper jaw region so it can become the foundation of the upcoming dental implants. Usually, the bone is placed in the jaw area where molars or premolars lie – and it is fitted between the maxillary and upper jawbone sinuses.

Sinus Lift Complications

Like all other surgeries, a sinus lift surgery also comes with certain unexpected results. Here are the sinus lift complications.

Sinus Infection: It is not common, but sometimes, a sinus infection is caused by the sinus lift surgery. This happens due to lack of adequate care or when the operated area is not cleaned properly during surgery.

Sinus Puncture: Perhaps, the most common complication of a sinus lift surgery is a puncture in the sinus. Usually, this problem is resolved in the middle of surgery. However, sometimes, it is not possible to repair the hole because of its severity. In such a case, your surgeon has no other option than to stop the surgery and reschedule it.

Implant Failure: Sometimes, the dental implant which is attached to the sinus lift struggles to fuse with the new bone.

Excessive Drainage: If you see pus or bright red blood draining a lot from the surgical site, then it can be treated with irrigation techniques and antibiotic treatment.

Sinus Lift Surgery in India

With so many complications, it is not a good idea to go for a sinus lift surgery in India or anywhere else. Today, the sinus lift surgery is an outdated procedure. Make a visit to Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Center where Dr. Irfan Motiwala will ensure that you can get dental implants without having to go for a sinus lift surgery or bone grafting. This is made possible by Dr. Motiwala’s trademarked methods that have attracted popularity from around the world.