It might seem hard to get your young children to focus on brushing their teeth for a full 2 minutes. Children like to play and have fun! It can be hard to get them to sit still long enough to brush their teeth. Even if your kids like to brush their teeth, it can be hard for them to do it for the right amount of time. Since they are still learning how to coordinate their hands and eyes, they may not be able to brush their teeth well enough to avoid cavities and gum disease.

For kids who don’t like brushing their teeth at all, it can be hard to get them to do it at bedtime or in the morning before school, let alone for the full two minutes that dentists suggest. Parents of young kids often have trouble getting them to brush their teeth the right way. Kids need to take care of their teeth and gums to avoid cavities and tooth decay and to protect their lips. Children have cavities and tooth damage very often. Almost half of kids between the ages of 6 and 8 have had at least one tooth.

Most children can brush their teeth on their own by age 7, but that doesn’t mean you can’t teach them good oral hygiene skills earlier. Even though younger kids need help to make sure they’re brushing their teeth correctly, this is a great way to get them interested in brushing their teeth and build a healthy habit.

But getting a two-year-old to sit still for two minutes so they can brush their teeth is a different story. So how do you get your child to brush his or her teeth long enough and enjoy it? You can make brushing your teeth more fun by using a fun toothbrush and toothpaste, playing music, or playing doctor games. But thanks to technology, there are now a lot of apps and other tools for kids that make brushing their teeth even more fun. We’ve put together a list of the 10 best apps to help your kids not only brush their teeth for the right amount of time, but also have fun doing it.

Brush DJ App

This app is for your kids if they like dance parties. A doctor made this app to help people brush their teeth for the full two minutes. You can choose a song that your child likes and dance to it while they brush their teeth. Just make sure to watch them so they can dance safely while they brush.

Disney Magic Timer App

The Disney Magic TimerTM app from Oral-B says that 98% of kids brush their teeth longer when they use it. The app syncs with a Crest or Oral-B Pro-Health Stages toothbrush, so you’ll need to buy one of those items to use the app. Your kids can make their own profiles where they can see their favorite Disney and Marvel figures and get badges and prizes.

Toothsavers App

Toothsavers make it fun for kids to brush their teeth. They have to help save the cursed fairytale country from an evil witch who made everyone’s mouths go bad. Princesses and pirates are among the fun characters in this game, and kids get points for finishing challenges. You can even play with your friends or the whole family.

Chompers Podcast

You probably wouldn’t have thought to put on a podcast to get your kids to brush their teeth, but this one does just that. Kids will be able to brush for the full 2 minutes if they listen to jokes, stories, and fun songs. Chompers makes it fun for kids to brush their teeth.

Chomper Chums App

The Chomper Chums® app helps kids learn how to brush their teeth by showing them a cat, a horse, and an alligator. The app is a game where kids have to brush for a certain amount of time in different places to get points. Also, the app teaches life skills like how to choose healthy foods.

Aquafresh Brush Time App

In this app, Captain Aquafresh teaches kids how to brush their teeth by singing and dancing to make sure they do it for 2 minutes. You can make different accounts for your kids on the app, each with their own songs, dances, backgrounds, costumes, and more.

Brush Teeth with The Wiggles App

This could be one of the best apps for teaching kids how to brush their teeth. It shows a video of other kids and the Wiggles characters brushing their teeth to encourage your little ones to do the same. It has a timer for brushing your teeth, and you can add more than one kid so they can each get their own rewards.

Brusheez Little Monsters App

Kids can play with little monsters that they can make their own with this game. Then, these monsters help them brush their teeth while music plays and a timer goes off. There’s a special feature where kids can turn on or off individual teeth when they lose their own baby teeth, so the monster’s teeth are the same.

Stay On Top of Your Child’s Oral Health

A fun tooth brushing app is a great way to get your child excited about cleaning their teeth every morning and night. Helping your kids brush their teeth well at a young age is a good way to get them into the habit of taking care of their mouths.

It’s important to keep an eye on your kids’ oral health so they don’t get cavities or tooth damage. In addition to being painful, not taking care of your teeth can lead to your kids needing orthodontic work when they are older, which can be expensive.

Long-term, taking care of your teeth can save you and your family money. If you help your child brush his or her teeth twice a day for two minutes, that’s a good start. Even though it’s important to brush your teeth at home, you should also go to the dentist often for checkups.

If you haven’t already taken your child to the doctor twice this year, make an appointment now to take them before the holidays.

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